Founded in 2008

We were founded in 2008 to provide a timely, cost effective and quality solution for handling curative title resolution and underwriting/ATO support. We added title searches, deed/document typing, recording and notary services because of your frequent requests.

Claim Loss Recovery

Integrity is the main ingredient of our business model. We do more than just write letters. We locate and make contact with all parties that must sign the corrective document or assist in resolving the claim. We understand the delicate balance of getting the claim resolved without making matters worse with what we say or don’t say.  We work nights, weekends and make personal visits, if the need arises. We are a part of your claims department that you do not have to manage. Our service and rates allow you to manage your costs and reduce the number of claim files that are sent to outside counsel.

Post Closing

We can assist in the issuance of post closing endorsements and issue reconveyances  when a title company is named as trustee. We will even handle those Tax Assessor letters indicating that an error has been discovered on a recent insured transaction.